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Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney


Michael Cook Law Firm can draft your will for you which accords with your instructions.

You will be advised in full as to the consequences and implications of your decisions and the options available to you so that you are fully aware of all situations and circumstances before deciding how best to proceed. 

In addition to drafting a will, we can also update your existing will for you to take into account any change of circumstances or change in your wishes. 

Deaths within families are a very challenging and distressing time. We can assist you by reducing the stress and anxiety your family may face and also ensure that you wishes are carried out as you direct with your chosen beneficiaries receiving their respective entitlement.      

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which provides a friend, family member or other third party whether related or otherwise with the power to make important decisions for you which you are unable to make for yourself whether through ill health or otherwise. 

We will advise you of the different types of Power available to your circumstances to ensure that you choose the right option for you. Such options include:

  1. Lasting Power of Attorney- Property & Financial Affairs;
  2. Lasting Power of Attorney- Health & Welfare;
  3. Power of Attorney;


Michael Cook Law Firm are Solicitors and Commissioners for oaths meaning that we have the power to administer oaths or take affidavits.  

In the event you are required to swear an affidavit or other document as part of a current probate or other matter, please contact our office as we would only be happy to assist.


Michael Cook Law Firm advises and assists clients with all aspects relating to the creation and administration of trusts and trust law. 

In addition, we offer the most tax efficient advice in connection with the creation, administration, changing and ending of a trust to suit your needs.

There are many advantages of creating a trust including but not limited to the following:-

  • Creating trusts to reduce tax liability or to mitigate the impact of care home fees in later years;
  • To provide financial assistance to a loved one who does not have the capacity or ability to manage their own affairs;
  • To leave your estate to your beneficiaries without the costly and lengthy time process;
  • Protecting your assets against legal proceedings brought by creditors or other litigants;
  • To appoint others to manage the trust following your death ‘successor trustees’ which will enable your family to grow and manage wealth over future generations;
  • To ensure that your assets are utilised to provide adequately for your needs if you later lack the capacity or ability to take care of yourself.

Michael Cook Law Firm can assist you in connection with the full range of trusts including but not limited to discretionary trusts, family trusts and asset protection, bare trusts, life interest trusts, will trusts and mixed trusts.

Please contact us on 0191 933 2959 or alternatively by email on enquiries@michaelcooklaw.co.uk for further information.

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