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Crime & Regulatory

Our Crime and Regulatory Team advises individuals, businesses and public bodies throughout England and Wales on a wide range of Criminal and Regulatory matters which include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Environmental Law matters, including Statutory Nuisance issues and Environment Agency investigations and proceedings;
  • Agricultural Regulation, Investigations and Proceedings;
  • Animal Welfare, including RSPCA Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • Health and Safety Regulation, including Health and Safety Executive Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • Trading Standards Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • Professional Regulation and Disciplinary Proceedings;
  • Traffic Commissioner Investigations, prosecutions and Public Inquiries;
  • Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • Inquests before the Coroner’s Court;
  • Traffic and Motoring Prosecutions;
  • General Criminal Investigations brought by the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Private Prosecutions;

Michael Cook Law Firm are experienced in helping clients at all stages of the Regulatory and Criminal process and can provide advice on compliance issues, assist clients in interviews and during investigations, and also represent them in at all stages and venues of the proceedings.

If you feel we can assist you in any of the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact our Office on 0191 933 2959

Outside of office hours, weekends and bank holidays call 07789771300 or email us on enquiries@michaelcooklaw.co.uk

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